Skyaware Map Wrong Location

Hello everyone, I host a flightfeeder and recently i changed my address from one city to another. When i moved to the new location and installed the antenna there, i am having 2 problems. One is that the GPS light on the Flightfeeder (Blue color with screen) is always red. I contacted support and they changed my location manually but still it is red. It says UTC offset unknown. And also the Skyaware map shows my location (the centre of the range circles) as my old city. I have attached a screenshot to clarify. The black dot is the my previous city where the circle is still centered and red circle is where i would like the center to be.

Clear browser cache (press Ctrl, Shift and Delete keys togather)

Reload browser (press Ctrl and F5 keys togather)

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I tried this but doesn’t work

Try restarting Flightfeeder.

For a Raspberry Pi feeder, at restart, the location saved at Flightaware’s server is pulled by Piaware. Then dump1090-fa pulls these from Piaware when dump1090-fa restarts, and uses it for Skyaware map. I am not sure if this mechanism works for Flightfeeder also, but there is no harm in restarting the Flightfeeder.

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