Changing Positions

Hi all. I am a flight crew member and want to take this on the road with me on overnights. I just tried to set it up in a different location with no success. The whole location being off, I think is the issue. Am I able to do this, and if so how do I change it, please?

I’m in the same boat. What is the best way to associate the pi with my new public IP address, now that I’m in a completely new position with my existing pi?


I don’t know if this helps, but…
I run dump1090.exe and planeplotter on my laptop and recently finished a cross country trip.
At each new location, I’d get the GPS coordinates from the garmin.
I reset the command line args --lat --lon to the location, and updated location in planeplotter.
Planeplotters maps correctly showed the location and Fa usually did. Sometimes the FA site was not updated to the most recent connection. Mostly that was a problem on my part.
With the newer updates to dump1090 and the introduction of piaware, it should work.

Thanks for the tip. It turns out my issue related to a configuration error of my wifi dongle.


Been there, done that. Someone stole the T-shirt :wink:

Thank you for the info. PiAware finally updated my position after a couple of hours. I was hoping the new IP address and location would update quicker, but I’ll take it! I am still amazed at this whole process looking at it from the other (ATC) side.