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Skyaware display issues

I am running skyaware and flight aware ver 3.7 on a raspberry pi 3+and when I go to the IP address of the pi using a windows OS and select skyaware the make works perfectly. When I use another pi 3 + or a 4 the skyaware screen has many of the same images. I have searched the internet and flight aware discussions and can’t seem to find an answer to resolve this.


Provide a screenshot please.
Try Ctrl-F5.

Here is the screenshot… the background is wrong and sometimes is shows partially in the correct lat and long

Did you try a different browser/device to connect to this map?

Seem to be a display issue caused by caching in Browser. Are you able to zoom in/out?
As far as i know the map is not part of the local install, it’s loaded on demand via internet

Not caching, the browser probably is just not working correctly.
Try installing chromium.

Ok thank you… I loaded Madori and it works well. Appreciate the help

73 and Happy holidays and a safe new year