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Site 6935 - KRNV is not me.... What is going on with that?

I had Site 6935 - YBWW up briefly with an SBS-1 via Plane Plotter on a new PC. Due to a screw-up I had to re-image that machine after a short time and I reinstalled PP getting a new PP Sharer Code. That was on April 3 and I was expecting that Site 6935 would wither and die on May 3.

Today I notice that Site 6935 has sprung back to life at KRNV in the USA still under my user name. I definitely am not running that site.

Is it possible that another user with an SBS-PP setup at KRNV has picked up my previous PP Sharer code (not sure what it was) and FA has not properly linked it to their user name?

In any case - can support please unlink Site 6935 from my FA User Name?.