Since Saturday...only USA origin flight plans displayed


Before Saturday, I could view the flight plan / routing for all flights originating in North America. Since Saturday, only flights originating in the USA are showing the flight plans.

This problem is clearly visible when looking at the IFR route analysis page, for example CYYZ-KDCA has not been updated with route information since Saturday. … ation=kdca

Hopefully this can be fixed :slight_smile:



Let me modify that report…any flight originating outside of mainland USA that is not an American flagged carrier/airline…for example Air Canada or Mexicana flights headed for the USA or domestic…are not shown on the IFR route analysis page and the flight plan routing is not displayed in the flight tracking page…since Saturday, this is a new problem.

For example…CYYZ to KLGA…IFR route analysis page shows both Air Canada and Eagleflight (AA) flight plans until Saturday, then only EGF (AA) flight plans are displayed.

Something has busted :slight_smile:




Thanks for the details. Unfortunately the issue is upstream of us at the FAA, and may be intentional. We’re following up with them.


Thanks for the reply…hopefully that detail can be restored.

My flight sim (FS Build flight planner) CDA-USA transborder flights will never be the same without the real time flight plans courtesy of flightaware :slight_smile:

It’s weird that the US carriers flight plans where origin is Canada still show routing, but not the non-US carriers (Air Canada).

Here’s hoping a fix is found.

Rob Hall.


If it helps to debug,, and flight trackers are all working correctly.


Thanks, Pat. I don’t see the missing flightplan details the OP was asking about (route, filed altitude, filed airspeed) for ACA312 on flightwise or ifly (which is just proxying flightstats). Can you post a deep link or screenshot? appears to be a domain squatter.

#7 is a gateway to the old interface before usurped it.

LXJ520 flew KPDX-PAGS then PAGS-CYYJ. Flightaware shows the first leg but not the second. Flytecomm shows both.


I’m not sure if you already know but this is also happening for International flight to the US from Europe since saturday.

For example AA51, LHR-DFW has no route show at all

Where as AA50, DFW-LHR has the route … /KDFW/EGLL
(I had to choose yesterdays AA50 flight as todays flight hasn’t been filed yet.)

Sorry if this had been already mentioned.


This seems to be all fixed now…you guys are the BEST!

Thank you.



Indeed, looks like the FAA has resolved this. Let us know if you notice any others.