Question about westbound atlantic flights


How come when I try to find the IFR routes for westbound transatlantic flights, most of the time I can only find a part of the route or a small portion of it. Check out DAL47 and you’ll see what I mean. The route seems to begin somewhere over Canada and ends in the US.


At least part of this flight occurs outside of FlightAware’s service area. Information on this page may be unreliable

Found at the bottom of the map in bright red letters.


Actually, you can see westbound flights on FA if you choose an airport close to the Atlantic Coast and check out the local map. The North American portion of the flight log / track is registered as soon as the flight checks in with Gander Center ( Gander Oceanic ), at least in this part of the country.

So, if you type in a flight number for a westbound flight, you will see its last tracking log but not the current one. The Current track log will show up on FA until the flight reaches its North American destination.

The partial track logs you see thus represent only the flight in North American controled airspace. :smiley:

hope this helps.


I’m not familiar with that area, can you provide an example or link?


Yah but i have seen complete flight plans that originate in Europe before. Is there any way I can access the real world flight plans for these westboound flights (the complete flight plan)?


As far as I can tell from this discussion, there nobody has found an international flight tracker yet.


The flight plans are usually amended once the flight enters North American controlled airspace, and the amendment usually doesn’t include the European/Atlantic portions.


Check out CYQX Gander, CYYT St. John’s, CYDF Deer Lake and CYYR Goose Bay. Most of the west bound traffic is from 11:00 thru 4:00 EST and the east bound traffic starts around 7:00 EST and runs into the am.

Again, you can track westbound flights on these local maps before they are filed and track logs appear. Track log only records North American portion of the flight.

This is the closest thing to a European flight tracker. Frankfurt. … prache=eng

To answer another question, the flightplan we see on FA contains all the filed waypoints from Departure to Destination. We only “see” the North American portion.