Europe Flight Plans


Just a quick question, i know about roughly a year ago that i could track some europe flights and it would also give the flight plan like it does with all flights in the US. I am just wondering has the europe flight plan feature no longer available? i know you can still track certain European flights but just don’t give any flightplans?
Any ideas?
Thanks Jimmer


You should always see route/etc for flights from Europe to the US, but not within Europe.


Ok thank you for your reply, i can see flightplans from europe to the US but a couple of years ago i could see flightplans from inside europe (I only tried this from theUK by the way)
For example if i typed in the flight search box BAW901
then it used to give me the flightplan for that flight which is frpom EGLL-EDDF but it no longer does this, so i’m guessing the feature has gone?
Sorry about this had about 2 years away from sites such as flightaware and just started coming back to the site.
Thanks in advance


I think the FAA used to leak some London data in some messages, but no longer does.