Silly NY Rangers Fans


Looks like some NY Rangers fans will be making a 17 minute flight from KLGA TO KEWR for today’s game against the Devils. … p_sho.html

Here’s the flight: … /KLGA/KEWR



This has got to be one of the stupidest things I have heard in a long time. A 17 minute flight? GO DEVILS!!


Not stupid at all. It would be a fun way to go to a game.


To me I would think going to the airport, going through security, getting on the plane, getting off at EWR, getting on a bus, getting off the bus, getting into the Rock, and getting to your seats seems a lot more complicated than just driving or taking a bus there and getting to your seats. Did anyone find anything about how many people actually took DAL up on this?


For those who don’t fly often or what to be able to say “I jetted from New York to Newark,” it would be fun.

If someone doesn’t know yet, you can find out the pax load in a couple of months on BTS.

Was this purpose a charity flight? I didn’t see anything one way or the other in the news article.


Here’s an article with pics.

Looks like it was a blast. 7 minute flight, then buses met you right at the plane to take you to the game, and then back to NY after.

About 80 fans made the trip. … an-flight/


This would have made me buy a ticket for the game even though I’m not a big hockey fan. Come on! Who wouldn’t want bragging rights among your friends about taking such a short flight?


Heck yeah I’d take part! As long as John Tortorella is nowhere near the same aircraft! But yeah, airplanes and hockey…I can’t think of anything else that really matters beyond those two!