Hockey Fans


Post your the charter flights here! :wink:

Here are the Buffalo Sabres going down to Raleigh: … /KBUF/KRDU

Interestingly they have a 727 charter. I wouldn’t think you’d have too many tri-jets in use for general charters, especially considering they need three pilots.


Here are the Hurricanes going up to Buffalo yesterday: … /KRDU/KBUF


Oilers all the way!!! But i’m actually a Bruins fan.



Not sure I know what you are talking about…


Sure you do. It’s that game where they take a little round thing and hit it with a bat to score touchdowns. They also hit the opposing team members’ faces in what is called a grand slam. They do this after running clockwise around some things cut into the ice called bases.

No, wait, as far as I can tell that’s the description of cricket.


Hurricanes fan here, although I’m rooting for the Oilers in the West (simply because I don’t think a Stanley Cup Finals is appropriate without a Canadian delegation :wink: )

Yeah, Hockey sure as heck isn’t the most popular sport, mainly because it’s hard to understand for the average passerby. I mean, if I just start watching a baseball game I know exactly which pitch is a strike and which is a ball. Oh, and in the NBA, if you take exactly one too many steps then you travel. And who can forget football, where there’s offensive holding on just about every single play but they only call it once every 10 plays

That said, I like most sports; Hockey may not be for everyone just as NASCAR, the WNBA, Formula 1, the AFL, MLS, the PGA, and the PBA isn’t for everyone (just to name a few).


I LOVE SPORTS GO RED SOX!!! :laughing: :laughing:


Well, there is always soccer, er football, er soccer…AH HELL!!

“Soccer…a strange sport for damaged people.” - Robin Williams


soccer is a sport for people who like to see men run around in short shorts saying " he just kicked me where is the penalty, come on now look what you did you got me upset. :cry: " Sorry but i hate soccer and the players.


"Are you kidding me? Any moron with a pack of matches

can start a fire. Raining down sulfur takes a huge

level of endurance. Mass genocide is the most

exhausting activity one can engage in, next to


Loki - “Dogma”


YEAH RIGHT how about being 5feet 7inches and runing the ball in a hole that is filled with people about 6’5 300pounds and getting hit and having you neck being pulled in 5 different directions, then getting by just to run 90yards for 7 points IF you get by the linebackers and saftys and cornerbacks. Once you do that then you will understand. That happens week in and out practice everyday but sat and sunday. Go try it. ITS FUN FUN FUN FUN! sorry brain got stuck stuck stuck.


Sorry, nitro. Your 5 ft 7 inch hero scores only 6 points, not 7. Then some itsy bitsy skinny guy who comes onto the field for only about 1 minute in 60 gets to score 14% of all the points the team scores. Where is there justice in this world??

:laughing: :laughing:



How about being the 5-7 RB (you) and meeting up with a 6-1, 235lb pissed off because his older sister just totalled his Blazer 30 minutes before game-time when he was supposed to take his gf out to a movie and late dinner after the game (me)

Ah the days, and the pain in both knees, shoulder, and no ligaments in both ankles that remind me on a daily basis on why you are supposed to wait for a doctor’s clearance to play…


Well i don’t think that RB’s only play 60 seconds and then run off the field. They play the whole series. And when there not running the throw themselves infront of guys trying the sack the QB, and then the next play run the ball, that happens all game. ANYWAYS Soccer blows hardcore. Wait how does this relate to aviation??? :confused:


Wait how does this relate to aviation???

Like a lot of topics, this topic has a topicus offus side to it. Makes some of the posts more interesting.


Thermite core, long fuse, and a surrounding tank of jet fuel is often the appropriate antidote to a stubborn case of topicus offus.



Based in Buffalo, NY (Prior Aviation) for must of the year and West Palm during the winter.

The name of his company is Delaware North Corporation. His name; Jermy Jacobs.

some pictures of N177BB


So, tell me, who is Mr. Jacobs?


The owner of Deleware North Corporation.


Can we say psychic, or is it psycho?