Should be an fun flight LGA to EWR - Free Delta Flight

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Delta Flies Rangers Fans For Free On 17-minute Flight To Devils Game, you will leave from LaGuardia Airport and fly to Newark Liberty International Airport, and then be taken to the Prudential Center for the game, and then returned to Newark for the return flight.

I’d like to watch this flight on Flight Aware, but, unless I search for flights bewteen KLGA and KEWR, chances are I won’t find it, and even then, I may not find it.

I did that exact search to see if anything was scheduled, and found a recent flight by a United Airlines 4 days ago.

Thought some of you might find this interesting.


Time to boycott Delta. (Not that I was considering flying them). Want to know why? I am a Devils fan. I hate those rags. But seriously, I don’t understand the point of this. A 17 minute flight from LGA to EWR? Seems pointless.