Duke Basketball?


Anybody know the tail # for Duke? Looking specifically for their trip to Ohio State early next week if that helps.

Much appreciated!


they fly on Usa Jet Airlines, not sure of the tail number, they flew on Usa, when they played in New York City a couple of weeks back, not sure how they got to Maui, probably commercial


Duke to Maui

flightaware.com/live/flight/DAL8 … /KRDU/PHOG


What’s the runway needed for a fully loaded 767 takeoff? PHOG’s longest is 6,995. Seems short to make it all the way to KRDU.


Yeah that’s a long flight. I would guess it wasn’t fully loaded but the 767 is one bad a$$ machine. AA flies it to DFW and TWA used to fly it to STL, both long scheduled flights out of OGG. At MSY, DL and CO use the 7,000 foot runway 1/19 all the time with the 763/764 and they have no troubles of course they are not as heavy with fuel. I know it had a good headwind, but this has got to be the shortest 767 take off ever,


haha, i flew them to cmh for that ohio state game. funny i ran across this thread.