5 Minute flight ?

This is the New York Mets charter aircraft going to LGA from JFK to pick up the METS …My question would’nt it be cheaper to bus the team to JFK ? flightaware.com/live/flight/DAL9805

Yep! So what’s your point?

Flight in question: flightaware.com/live/flight/DAL9 … /KJFK/KLGA
They could need the gate or parking area at LGA for another flight
Baseball “idols” do not ride in buses like mere mortals.
The contract could say they will be picked up at JFK
Is the ball bark in NYC located closer to JFK than LGA?

              Citifield  home of the METS is a  5 minute ride to LGA and  it's  a 30 minutes drive  to JFK  on a good day!
                                                      My point is due to that everybody in business is trying to save a buck these days ,you figure what waste of Jet Fuel for a 5 minute flight..

Firstly…baseball “save a buck”?

And as David mentioned the contract for charter for the Mets probably stipulates origination from LGA. It doesn’t cost the Mets any extra, it costs the charter provider. An airplane has to be pulled from somewhere to meet the obligation. In this case it was Delta which was saving the money by pulling an available aircraft from JFK rather than dead-heading one from somewhere else.

That “LGA” in my posting should have been “JFK”.