Amazing AE route

Why is there an AE route from JFK to LGA? This is the stupidest route I have ever seen! :confused:


I don’t understand the problem. Would you prefer that they take the Van Wyck? :slight_smile:

why would someonepay to fly to an airport in the same city?

To reposition the airplane to the other airport. The flight is probably without passengers; it’s to get the plane where it needs to be.

The shortest flight I’ve flown was LAX-SMO, which is roughly half the distance of JFK-LGA. It’s a 5 or 6 mile trip and the shoreline departure from LAX puts you on a right base for runway 3 at SMO although it’s hard to get down fast enough and you normally need to circle for 21 anyway. Looks like a few people are doing the reverse today.

What about SNA-LAX…those actually DO have passengers!!! Of course, if you have ever been on the 405, I understand it, plus parking is cheaper at SNA.

SNA-LAX is probably 6x further and probably takes 10-15min. I believe it’s at least 50% longer than the EFD-IAH and HOU-IAH passenger service that existed for many years.

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The emoticon addict said:

why would someonepay to fly to an airport in the same city?

One main reason: Time

For many years, there was helicopter service in the NYC, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles areas. Prior to 9/11, there wasn’t the absurd facade called security for operators of smaller aircraft so it would be possible to get to the heliport/airport just 10-20 minutes before the flight and fly to the connecting airport. This saved as much as a 60 to 90 minutes, depending upon the city.

Continental even operated intracity service, as mentioned earlier in this thread, between HOU and IAH wth a DC-9-10 (or -15?). This is about 23 miles. They used the DC-9 due to lack of a more suitable aircraft.

Intracity (or intra-metropolitan area) air service is a good idea if the distance between the main airport and the outlaying areas take a long time to travel.