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Seems awfully expensive. Is this common???

CKS9424 B744-4 short hop from Dover to Newark.
EIA1220 B744-4 short hop from JFK to Dover.

They’ve not climbed high nor are they going fast (haven’t gone above 260kts)

Are these types of ferry flights (I assume???) routine?
Very short distance and not loaded up (again, I assume) seems costly.

Unless I’m wrong and a shipper DOES find it economically feasible to lease a 747 for a 45 minute flight?

Seems odd that they’d be in the same neck of the woods at the same time.

Thanks for your patience with my curiosity!

Gary in Pennsylvania

it’s a positioning flight. Kalitta does military charters out of Dover. They also have scheduled cargo flights from Newark & New York City (JFK). They even have a flight (again, a positioning flight) that operates between EWR and JFK on a fairly regular basis.