shuttle in FTW


I have a couple pics from it leaving FTW this morning, can I post on here thru my pics folder??

thanks Mark


You have to upload them to a picture hosting site like photobucket then post the link here with the link%20goes%20here code on either side. Photobucket will create the link for you.


dang, not a member of any of those type photo sites…dangit…thanks bud!


Most of them are free, at least for a small amount of picture storage. You really should check into it.

I use almost all of them, but prefer for ease of use.


Does your ISP provide you with web page space? If so, you can store the pictures there and then upload them.

A caveat about using the IMG tag: you need to make sure it is wrapped around a picture file name (i.e. ends in, for example, .jpg).

See also the private message I sent.


don’t see a private message bud


Not sure why it didn’t go through. I’ve tried it again.


kinda new to this…does a private message go to my email or somewhere on here…


Look at the top of the forum screen. There’s an icon there with text indicating that you have or do not have new messages.

In case it didn’t go through, what I said was that if you don’t have a personal web page, I can upload the pictures to my personal page and give you the URL to use with the IMG tag. Please note that if the picture is too big I would downsize it to about 680 pixels or so in order for it display better on the forum.

Please note: This is for damada only and only if he doesn’t open a flickr or other free image hosting site.


Why does he get special treatment, I’ve been around here long than him :cry:


Because you’ve “been around here long(er)” and I still haven’t figured out what deef means. :smiley:

Now, stop crying and be a man :exclamation:


bud, jip77 uploaded almost identically the same 2 pics I was gonna put on here…that was an amazing experience…drove about 100 miles to see it…well worth it…the 747 looked like it was going 50 knots and was about to fall out of the sky…really amazing…Mark