Show helicopers, please?


Hi all

In my part of the world, very many helicopters fly around us all the time. From ambulances to construction aiding and what have you not. I see NONE of these in FlightAware, but most of them in FlightRadar. I know my site reports (some of?) them since I see them with SkyView.

All the explainations in the previouse posts make very little sence to me, since I reliably see them in FlightRadar.

Is there anyway FA could show them too? Maybe even as an option?



Do you have an example of a helicopter that you see in SkyView but can’t find on the FA website? (hexcode, ident, time, how you tried to find it)



here a screenshot of FA:

here at the same time from FR:

Notice there are about 5 helicopers.



Can you show me a SkyView screenshot with the helicopters you’re having trouble finding, and explain how you are trying to find them on FlightAware?


For example, for the helicopter in the screenshot above, I see plenty of recent flights here:


What I do is just watch the area, like in the screenshot.

SkyView would be directly from my Pi, right? Well that no longer runs the FA software so that’s not happening.

Maybe the mobile app is easier to see:

See what I mean?


So I think you are saying that you are expecting to see helicopters on the vicinity maps (maps showing “nearby aircraft”), but you don’t see them there?

For various reasons, position-only flights are not currently shown on vicinity maps, so unless we have a flightplan for the helicopter you won’t see it there. They are still tracked, though, and should show up e.g. on departure/arrival boards, or if you search directly for a registration or callsign, or if you follow a link from SkyView.


Thanks, yes, that. Well that is a pity for me, since these maps are basically what I use most. The context they add to my daily life I really like. It is fun and revealing to walk around and be able to show the people I am with what that aircraft looks like and comes from etc.

Your explanation clears a lot of “issues”, since many small aircraft fly around here are “position-only flights”. At least now I know I need to rely on FR and clear up other users about why they can or can’t see particular flying objects :slight_smile:


There is an account option to turn on position only flights. You must be logged into a free FlightAware account to see them.


Position-Only Flights Show position-only flights

That has been on for forever. Does not solve the issue. Unfortunately.


May be Helicopter AIS and VDL 4 systems