Helicopters on FA


I live in rural TX about 100 miles from any metro area, but was wondering why helicopters that pass over don’t show up FA. Some I know are CareFlite type choppers, but some are private I assume (not military). Sometimes they are under ~1500’ and some are higher. I just never seem to be able to ID them on FA.


What’s the closest metro area to you?

flightaware.com/live/flight/N37RX flys right over the house between KSAT and its base, but those are VFR, they won’t show up.

N38RX, N556UH, N557BA, N557UH are some other south Texas helicopters.


They’re mostly VFR, which the FAA doesn’t provide us any information on.
The few/short segments when they’re IFR may be handled by local controllers and never make it to the national system we get data from.


Thanks guys for the info, hadn’t thought about the VFR factor. I am in the middle of the triangle from DFW, Abilene, and Austin…so quite a bit of traffic even though I’m in the boonies…again, thanks…