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tracking helicopters in Phoenix

Low flying helicopters are a problem for our neighborhood, which is in higher elevation pass thru Phx mountains. Choppers fly lowest legal over our houses rattling windows, noise pollution etc. This was a big problem during recent Superbowl (not often repeated), and regularly whenever Phoenix International Raceway has it’s NASCAR races. How can I identify the chopper owners/users/helipads to contact and ask they avoid housing or fly higher? Don’t see info on forums. thx

Binoculars would be the only way. Those helicopters are likely all on VFR flightplans (or operating VFR without a flightplan) and are only under air traffic control in the immediate vicinity of PHX and would not appear on any tracking service.

thx for advice. will do. I’m sure you’re correct about VFR. We’re in Phx City limits, but 6 miles from Sky Harbor Airport. I can ID chopper types…now need to watch for who flies what colors locally. Anybody have suggestion on who can tell us what chopper it is based on ID number? We’ve written TV stations, local for-hire choppers & ground bases asking for consideration. Appreciate the help.