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Black helicopter flys over austintown,oh

Does anybody know about the black helicopter with red letters or nubers that flew over the youngstown-austintown area of ohio around 9:30am this morning, i did some research and ruled out lifeflights and news choppers, i see there was some older posts about this in cleveland back around 2010 i think it was, i listen to air and law traffic on radios but never heard anything, just kinda curious where its from cause never seen it before.

Buy a pair of binoculars to go with your scanners and it will help you ID aircraft.

I bought 2pairs of binoculars lol, i was thinking the same thing, i was kind of curious to where it was from and a friend of mine found the conversation about it being seen over cleveland a few yrs back and nobody knows where its from and then i seen it for myself which makes it more interesting cause now im wondering where it came from and so far its still a mystery!

…better yet, try to take a picture of aircraft with a longer lens…reading numbers with binocs can be difficult, but if you get a half decent shot you can scrutinize your image later…
I had this experience recently here in LA when an incredibly annoying helicopter paced back and forth. I could read the number, but, taking a shot of the craft confirmed…(it was a Robinsson 44 with “plane-poppers” onboard…)