Why does flightaware front map show less traffic than flight radar,


hi am new to flight aware and have added my beacon to the system and share my data which is working fine.
but wondered why the general map does not show as much general traffic than the heavy stuff and as far as I can see it does not show helicopter or small private planes where flight radar 24 does so, if anyone can help with an explanation it would help my puzzled self thanks in advance.


Heavy traffic or Commercial aircraft are required by law to have an Adsb fitted by 2020, where as light aircraft below 10000ft are not (loose interpretation of the law). Helicopters and GA aircraft usually fit into this category hence why you will not see most of that traffic. FR24 may be showing aircraft they have from other sources i.e. MLAT or actual radar (supplied by some towers)


Make sure you have enabled “position-only flights” in your FlightAware account settings. https://flightaware.com/about/faq#adhoc


if your are comparing PiAware Skyview to the main FlightAware site you will see objects, such as helicopters or biz/private jets on Skyview that you won’t see on the main FlightAware site if the owner of the aircraft has requested it be blocked/not tracked by the public. so, your ADS-B/MLAT receiver will receive the signal and pass it on to FlightAware but FlightAware will not display if there is a “do not track” request. (FlightAware staff, pls advise if this is incorrect)


hello, Thank you erriccarlson for your suggestion, I made the alteration, and will see if it helps me, I am enjoying live sky-view, as I an just short of Scotland an west of the English lake district.


The default is to NOT show planes that haven’t filed a schedule. This is the main reason helicopters and smaller GA planes do not show up on the FlightAware.com/live live map by default. You need to turn on “position only” to see these planes.

There is a FAA block list and these planes are blocked.


david, thank you very much.