SkyView and FA Maps



Running Pi-Aware with simple indoor antenna, very interesting as around 15 miles from Heathrow.

Under My Flightaware I have a couple of airports listed just for curiosity. If I view the FA airport map for my local area it shows virtually the same area as my Skyview on the Pi but aircraft show differ considerably.

I would expect many more to show on the FA map but sometimes I have commercial aircraft fly close by, show on Skyview but not on the FA airport map. Sometimes it can be almost identical for some aircraft and others not shown.

Are the airport maps ‘real time’?



While I don’t know for sure, they may be a few minutes late, whether on purpose or due to the ‘processing’.

I never compared with the FA page, but I noticed a difference between FR24 and Planefinder. Planefinder seems closer to real time than FR24.


Used to have FR24 on mobile and found that to be very accurate and on time.

I live within 15 miles of Heathrow so see plenty of traffic around 8000 feet. FR24 was spot on, my PiAware skyview seems spot on too.

Looking at FA’s airport maps is where I’ve seen the discrepancy, some aircraft spot on, others don’t show at all.



Please see our FAQ regarding processing times and map animation.

If you have a specific example of a flight not showing up please let our support team know at There can be many reasons for this. Unlike some other sites, FlightAware fuses many different data sources (not just ADS-B) and this is much more complicated than it may appear.


Thank you for info, I know my SkyView would be real time and wouldn’t have queried it if it was obviously delayed all round but what I was querying was sometimes a FA map showed a specific aircraft virtually the same as my Skyview and on occasions a close by commercial aircraft was not shown at all on the FA map.

Not an issue except I occasionally view a local airport in US and was curious how accurate it was.