Sfo parallel takeoff/landing


How often is there a parallel takeoff or landing at sfo.


All day every day. Gotta turn the TCAS to Traffic Alert only going in there. It’s a pretty cool approach.


anytime it’s not foggy. Agreed, it’s a cool approach. The passengers freak for a second when they see another airplane next to you but then they enjoy it too. The 1L departure with its immediate left turn lets you make a turn at 50 feet which is something you don’t get to do with passengers very often.
When it’s foggy the airline arrival and departure boards instantly go to “delayed 3 hours” mode.

John in Saudi


so what r the oddds that ill have a parallel landing or takeoff if im flying there in april


oops, I just answered your question in the other thread. Not much fog that time of the year so pretty good odds you will be next to somebody else, unless you land at 3 AM when there are only 4 landings per hour. Keep in mind that not all parallel approaches are exactly right next to each other, they may be as much as a mile apart. Where are you coming from? The arrival route will make a difference in whether you land on 28R or 28L.


Parallel landing at SFO, awesome pic HERE


Nice pic but it should be titled fourairplanes.jpg


Coming from Newark. Flight lands at 11. But I’m taking off at sfo at noon on my return flight


That’s a nice shot! And the irony of capturing the fourth airplane on approach to OAK.


beautiful shot.


I like watching videos of landings at SFO, it is a very cool airport… Good pic. :wink:


That’s a great photo.