SFO Plane Spotting?


Has anyone ever plane spotted at San Fran. Int.? If so, where. And is the North Access Road open to the public? I’m going out there next month as many of you know and I think it would be a great day to just sit and watch the planes come and go.

And are you allowed to use digital cameras in flight? I see tons of pictures of people using digital cameras during flight.



Bayfront Park is about the only place where “the authorities” will leave you alone. See: flygga.tripod.com/SFO.html for directions.


Not sure what happened to my response. I had mentioned that there was once a great parking lot for watching the aircraft taking off on Runways 11 but that has been closed to make way for police station.

The Bayfront Park, as mentioned above, is a good place also.

North Access Road: I haven’t been on this road for a while. It should still be opened because it leads to the Coast Guard Station and cargo areas. Not too much to see.

If you go to the East Bay, the San Leandro Marina is great for spotting aircraft landing at OAK. If you are photographing, the morning is the best time because the sun is behind the aircraft in the afternoon. Check flightaware.com/live/airport/KOAK for aircraft you’re likely to see at OAK.

The Oakland Western Aerospace Museum is a must-see if you make to OAK.


Yes, there is public access all the way round to the big United mtx hangar. There are a few on-street parking spots beside the Executive ‘Terminal’, but I would imagine anybody seen spotting along this road would be moved on (or worse) very quickly indeed.


Stupid security. Ok I found this link and was wodering if you were talking about this place.
At the San Francisco International Airport, there is a parking area that was built just for plane-watchers. It is located near the end of runways 1L and 1R. From Highway 101, Take the Millbrae Ave. exit toward the bay, go until it dead ends (about 100 yards), and turn left. The entrance to the parking area is on the right. The Millbrae Ave. exit is about a mile south of the main airport exit.

This spot has a good view of planes taking off on runways 1L and 1R. Most of the time planes land on 28L and 28R, which is several thousand feet away.

Is that it?

Diagram that helps explain.



That’s it and it is gone.


Dam, well I’ll just have to use the park.