Fighters in the SF Bay Area

A couple of fighters, either F-15s or F-16s (I’m not much into military aircraft and they were also a distance away so I’m not sure which they were) flew near my apartment in Castro Valley (SF Bay Area) today (Friday, 10 Apr) about 1830 - 1845 PDT. Does anybody know what they were doing here?

What was interesting is that they flew over and not too far away was a SWA 737. I was wondering - for a sec - if they were going to intercept it!

Edit: I saw a pair of fighters. There may have been another pair a few minutes earlier. I heard jet aircraft but they did not sound like the commercial aircraft I’m use to hearing in this area.

Could’ve been landing at a nearby airport. Or on a training mission.

:laughing: this would be a good post for the “Notable Activity” thread :laughing:

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Yea, you’re right - notable activity - was so busy looking for the military I didn’t think about it.


It is notable because, outside of Fleet Week and Memorial Day, I never see military aircraft in the skies above the SF bay area.

Fly-by at a baseball opening day event? Not Sure about the MLB schedule out there…

Thanks for the lead. Not being a sports fan, I didn’t even think about that.

It was a flyover during a pre-game ceremony honoring the four slain Oakland police officers.


That’s a great story! Glad to see professional sports get things in perspective for once.

The reason I thought of the fly-by scenerio was due to last years opening day here at Fenway in Boston. Apparently it scared the you-know-what out of the people in the city not knowing what was going on. Check out this amateur footage!!!

Needless to say, the Green Mountain Boys WERE NOT invited back this year and it was done by F15s from the 104th. :smiley:

sorry I couldn’t resist, had to bust your chops.

David is there any military bases (w/ a/c based there) in the SF area any more? There was Alameda, and Moffett ? until they closed right?

They are both closed. The idiots-in-charge have fully closed down Alameda. Moffett is closed by still has some reserve activity. All of the other military bases in the immediate Bay Area have been closed.

Actually, before Alameda was closed and Moffett reduced, there really weren’t too many fighters to be seen. Moffett had P-3s and Alameda was mainly a transport base with C-9s.

The nearest active military base now Travis AFB, about 40-50 miles away as the crow flies. Along the west coast, the only major Navy bases are located in the north near Seattle and in the south around San Diego. There are a few Air Force bases in between. There’s also Camp Pendleton in southern California.

The idiots-in-charge haven’t learned a single blasted thing from history. When WW2 started, the nation had to really hustle to rebuild the military because the idiots-then-in-charge had decimated the military after WW1. Same thing has happened after other major military actions.

That 20/20 hindsight is so clear and accurate, it’s simply amazing.

The “idiots in charge” after WWI voted in keeping with the often expressed public will of political isolation and reduced military spending. The same isolationism that resulted in FDR illegally transferring weapons and munitions to the UK and then cleaning up after himself by calling it “lend-lease”.

The same reduced military spending that resulted in soldiers training with wooden rifles until well into 1942.

I can remember way back when the VCR was new and exciting, we (my parents) would rent one on Friday nights and the video store had the Moffet Field NAS airshow on VHS. I remember being 6 or 7. The P-3 was my favorite demo, because after it landed he did a power back. I remember thinking WHOA, airplanes can’t taxi backwards!! :smiley: . It was kind of an annoying video with the audio on though because the point from where it was recorded, there were two speakers in recording distance and one was a bit sooner than the other, so the Blue Angels (A-4’s) announcer was echo’d really bad.