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Sexiest airplanes of all time...



That paint HOT! But what in the hell is he doing??? :open_mouth:


A stiff cross-wind perhaps?

Hang on folks…it’s gonna be a wild one…


thx IADFXMD11HVY for the induction program, now where’s my desk? :unamused:


Thats a cool looking one too. Yeah tell me about it i work at a completion center. We get so sick of aircraft with just lines. Everyonce and a while we get a customer that wants a off the wall crazy paint job. My favorite i ever saw on paper would have turned out to look like a barcode on the plane, it was 4 different colors running up and down in a pattern that repeated from fwd to aft. But the economy took a crap and the customer went with 2 lines lol. Do some searching every now and again but ill post it when it finally shows up online but search for Bombardier sn:8081. Its blood red and a yellow-tanish color w/ a baby on the tail. Its pretty different. I have some pics of my own of it. If you email me i can send them 2 ya. Mak474@hotmail.com

Heres the only biz jet w/ lines that i actually thought looked cool.


Oh and must i forget. Wrigley’s former plane. Im not sure what they sold it for. maybe they upgraded to a 7x thats the only thing that i could see better.

The paint job on this shines soo pretty too.

EDIT:::: aircraftdealer.com/aircraft_ … /23362.htm
Someone buy it! only 28 million dollars!


This is a beautiful global as well my fav only cause i helped deliver it.



I admit the only reason I used that pic was for the WTF? factor. No idea what he was doing!

I should have kept it in the family and used a pic from HERE.


It looks like the upside down super guppy… :laughing:


I have to say that is a sweet Global!!! Is that a pic after her delivery? Where is it taken?


I have to say that is a sweet Global!!! Is that a pic after her delivery? Where is it taken?

Yeah Thats after delivery I believe thats in poland. I have some pics prior to delivery on my comp.
The origional owner sold it cause the “paint job wasnt shiny enough”.
These things change hands soo many times and are sold for more and more each time.


Yeah, I have to agree. GLEX’s are right behind X’s.


Why repaint if you can just buy a new one… :unamused:


It takes us about a week from start to finish to paint a global. To build a new global try about 2 years, not to mention the year or more bombardier has it. Customers will pay 10- sometimes 15 million more to have it now. rather than in 4 years.


Southwest used to know a-thing-or-two 'bout sexy planes back in the day…


What happened?!!!


Ahhh, it USED to be a man’s world. Blame all the PC metro-sexuals, who shave thier body hair and cry in public.


Now that’s first class service! What the hell happened - on my last commercial flight, our flight attendant’s were a group of 4 gay guys that kept bickering and fighting with each other the whole flight - not that there’s anything wrong with that…


Their orientation, or their unprofessional conduct?.. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ummm, their orientation I guess, but now that you mention it, their conduct was less than professional I suppose (for those in viewing range). We had the luxury of sitting right near the front, where the flight attendants were sitting in their jump seats. Although my girlfriend was definitely entertained by the antics, I just tuned them out. What started as some conversation over the door-locking mechanism quickly turned into a 4-way argument over all kinds of things - thank God for headphones… I must admit, watching a slap and tickle fight does make a 2 hour flight seem alot shorter!


I’m not much of a GLEX fan, and I don’t find it terribly Sexy but this is a pretty sexy shot of one…

Actually more “Bad Ass” I guess. :smiley:


Guess who? (and check out the toy bin in the background)


Saul Fallon?