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Setting up to send to someone else

I have a few quick questions. I ordered a Flight Aware Pro Plus stick, it won’t be here for 2 weeks. So I am going to give my sister in Florida a late Christmas present, but am I going to run into any problem by configuring a Pi, with the software and using my Stick for now, it says it would grab a new Feeder Id off the server if one is not found, so I don’t think its tied to hardware. I also tied it to my wifi for testing, but will change it to her SSID and password before shipping.

So when she plugs it in, should she be able to log into her Flight Aware account, and click on her local feed account? I know when I claimed the Feeder Id it shows my IP address, etc, is that going to cause a problem if its switched to a different Wifi, or will it just play along, no issues…

Actually she won’t be able to claim it because it’s already claimed.

sudo systemctl stop piaware
sudo piaware-config feeder-id ""
sudo rm /var/cache/piaware/feeder_id
sudo systemctl restart piaware

This is how you can get a new feeder id that’s not claimed.
She will then have to claim the feeder once she has it going.

The hardware is irrelevant to this.

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Thank youI will do that before shipping it off to her and walk her through it when its on her network and reclaim a new feeder ID…. I just wasn’t sure what was going on behind the system.


Thank you!


My sister received her piawareafter I issued those commands before sending it to her. I got her running sorta. Here is the situation. I had her claim her piaware and it claimed one receiver. However when she goes to my ADSP in her account and clicks on my ADS-B it is not indicating a receiver connected all three boxes are red. I had her connected to a TV set and it is connected to her Internet and I had her go to the local address showing and she is seeing flight information but it plays placed her in Italy and when she scrolled over to Florida. Everything‘s working fine but she doesn’t see the blacktop for her house. Somehow her account is not attached to that receiver which is confusing me. Now I have no way Attach a keyboard or anything to type anymore commands. She can use it the way it is but it’s a little inconveniencing because she’ll have to scroll the map and not see her location. Is there a relatively easy fix that I can have her do or some thing we can do through flight aware to connect it to that account

That doesn’t really make sense if the claiming worked.
Can you check if it’s showing active again on your account by chance?
Can you link here stats page (it’s public)?
Something like this: wiedehopf ADS-B Feeder Statistics - FlightAware

Well … she could always write the sd-card and put in the wifi details just like you did when setting it up.
That’s how it’s meant to be configured then claimed.
It’s not that complicated …

OK I logged into her account and what I am seeing now is she has two different sites. And I think the site that is showing up in red is the site that I had testing at my house her stats are showing that she’s feeding aircraft into the network which is being done by another site. I think there is someway to remove or change the site that I’m viewing. If anybody knows how I need to do that that way I can enter the latitude longitude on the new site.

You never said you had it associated with her account … all this deleting feeder ids wouldn’t have been necessary. (and why would it if it’s already associated with her account)

You can select the other stats page and set the location … not sure what the issue is.

But obviously I don’t know how this all works as far as the connections stuff but I deleted the first sight and added to her coordinates on the second site and she is good

Thank you for your help

Glad it worked out ok :slight_smile: