Setting PiAware Location


Previously I have been using Plane Plotter but yesterday I changed over to using PiAware. Since then my location has been up to about 30 miles from where I am. Is there a way to set my location correctly? I have done a quick search but didn’t come up with anything.
Also I have tried setting the lat and lon prefixes is dump1090 without any change.



I recall having the same problem at first. I had to enter the position a few times for it finally to settle down. I eventually used “Exact Postion” though I cannot remember if that was before or after it settling down.


Cheers. I’ve gone to exact positioning - just need it to get more accurate now.


I set it manually using the lat/long of google maps.


Sorry for being thick but I can’t see how to add it manually. I tried adding a lat and lon switch to dump1090 but this doesn’t appear to be taking. I am not using FA dump1090 version though so there may be something in that.


No problem. Technically I’m just hanging on myself with this. On your feeder statistics page there is a section under your “Site Identifier” that says “Not the correct position? Click here” That leads you to enter lat/long.


Cheers - for some reason I totally missed that one.