search by Registration number


is there a way to search by the registration number ie c-xxxx?

if NO why not?



to search for a a Canadian registrered aircrft you enter the registration in the form cabcd


well actually flightware does the conversion for you if you enter a hyphen. It removes the hyphen and searchs based on the character/number comination.

BUT it does not work for known registration numbers.

Try this one C-FIUJ…this an AirCanada plane. A search using this does not give any results even though this plane is in flight right now.

I suspect this search will not work unless the flight number is the registration number.

What I want is to search for the information based on the Registration Number.


incorrect information deleted :blush:


We do have tail numbers for a number of international airlines, but didn’t support doing the lookup by a foreign tail number. Fixed now and works. We do have pretty complete coverage for Air Canada, but we don’t have it for all airlines.


Sweet :smiley: .


And where to get the full list of supported airlines (supported by tail numbers)?

Thanks for the great site! Happy New Year!


:laughing: I’ve been asking for this for over 6 months but admin just clam up every time it’s requested :laughing: . It’s like some huge secret that only their favourites are in the loop on. :laughing:


Not a secret although the thread title isn’t too descriptive: … hp?t=11482 .
It ought to be given a ‘sticky’ of its own.