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On my airport it happens fairly frequently to see a Boeing 747, painted in White / Blue colors, to do several sessions of touch-and-go. It comes from Wash DC area and around 4PM goes back that way.
Can you guess what plane it is?

That is not a Boeing 747 you’ve shown. It is an Astra SPX, aka USAF C-38A.

Hmm… I should had taken a pic. It was the plane that is sometimes called Air Force One.

The Boeing 747’s used for presidential transport are USAF VC-25A with tail numbers 28000 and 29000. I doubt very much that the planes could be tracked by civilians.

They both showed up just fine on my local SkyAware map when they flew into the UK last week.

Score 50 41570 is EX USAF C-38A it is now flown by Nas Patuxent River MD as a test aircraft with VX-20,and yes the VC-25 do show up from time to time i have loged them 40 times as quite a few military aircraft do,you just have to know where to look!

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