Military 747 over Mississippi 4/24/11


I was up at my relatives yesterday near Meridian spotting high altitude planes with my Orion 10x50 binos when i saw a 747 flying from east to west. It was definately a 747-200 because it had no winglets and it also had an american flag on the tail. My question is, was it a VC-25 or a E-4B? What was the president possibly doing around Mississippi if it was a -25?


The 747-300 also lacks winglets.

Did this aircraft have mainly blue or another color?


Hard to tell if you didn’t get a good look at the colors. The E-4 is painted all white with a blue stripe across the middle of the fuselage. Whereas the VC-25 appears to have a white top, middle light blue, and than a metalic bottom.




El Presidente was in Washington over the weekend so it probably wasn’t a VC-25B


It was definitely a military aircraft because flightaware didnt show the plane and i could also see a black looking part on the nose of the aircraft. I knew it had to be one of those 2 planes. and from what all i observed, it was the E-4.