Need help identifying an aircraft that flew over.....


I didn’t have access to Flight Aware at the time, so I couldnt check it out, but there was a 757 with winglets that flew over my airport a few days ago. It was white with a blue underside. Didn’t look like the same blue that is on C-32s, and I do not believe they have the winglets. Can anyone help me identify what airline it could have been?

I know for sure it was a 757. I thought for a second maybe a Jet Blue E-170/E-190, but i looked hard and it was for sure a 757.


Airport? PGV?
Few days ago? Exact date would be helpful
Direction of flight?
C-32s, as you indicate, don’t have winglets

It could have been a Delta or Icelandair.


United in their new paint scheme?


Some C32s have been fitted with winglets:—Ai … A-(757-2G4/1384936/M/


Yes, the airport was PGV, on the 22nd if I remember correctly. It was flying north at about 7-8 thousand feet. It was too light of a blue to be the US Air blue.

Don’t see any way it could have been Iceland Air, and it was too light of a blue for Delta as well.

To get an idea of the shade of blue it was, think just a little lighter than JetBlue, but not as light as, say, sky blue.


It was a Delta 757 with the new paint job and the winglets.


ah thanks so much for the response!


So it looked like this?