Presidential & Vice Presidential Aircraft

I know these are technically US Air Force planes and that they are generally Air Force One for the President and Air Force Two for the Veep.
Will they show up on an airport search or are their arrivals and departures considered classified?
For example, a 757 Air Force Two was seen at CLE Tuesday last week. How would I find out which one it was?
A smaller USA Government Aircraft (G5…I think) Registration was 1773?was seen departing KBKL yesterday afternoon approx 2pm but did not appear to show on the KBKL departures.

Any help received will be appreciated.



Air Force One , Two and any subsequent A/C, with a United States of America livery are Air Force flights.

FlightAware does not track military flights.

He’s correct.
However, if any N-registered plane is owned by the government, Air Force, etc etc, it will show up provided their tail number is not blocked by FA.