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SCO-1090-MCX in the city (balcony)?

Hi community!

I was thinking about improving the reception here in the city (I’m using a small antenna). I live in a high building but I don’t have access to the roof of the building. Luckily I have a balcony with a partial clear sky 160-170º (not 360º).

In your experience, do you think it’s worth installing an antenna like the “SCO-1090-MCX” in this case?

Many thanks in advance!

Yes, you will have an improvement. But as usual it depends, how much. There are too many unknown things

Thanks for your reply.

I have this situation. The only way I have to place the antenna is as follows (see image).
Do yo think the might be interference from the wires and irons right next to the antenna? Or does it no affect it all?

Many thanks!

Those bars are going to significantly interfere with reception.
You could try mounting it above them and maybe even close to the building to make it less obvious.

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Thanks both for your replies!

I have these two antennas in sight, which one would you recommend?

A- https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/ads-b-1090-mhz-antenna-0-6m-5-5dbi
B: https://shop.jetvision.de/A3-ADS-B-Antenna

Thanks in advance!

From the technical specification both look very similar.

The mounting part of the cheaper one is not looking as reliable as it is on the Jetvision antenna.
Wind resistance is 100 km/h vs. 200 km/h for the Jetvision.
To me it looks like Jetvision are using higher quality parts

I have mounted the Jetvision A3 yesterday outdoor. The manufacturing quality looks promising and taping of the connector is not required. Performance is very good i think it achieves the max performance i can get on my location/environment

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