New 1090 Antenna Update Suggestions

Hi all,

Looking to upgrade my cheap no name alibaba antenna to something a bit more recent.

I have been looking around and the Jetvision seems to get good reviews. I was looking at this one: A3 ADS-B" Antenna (1090 MHz). What does everyone think about this one?

Would this be a good pick for an upgrade of my current no name antenna?

Otherwise what else is out there and getting good results (i know location and height do make a huge difference as well).

Thank you in advance.


What’s your coax, what’s your SDR?
You always need to think about the complete receive chain.

This antenna is much lower price than the jetvision and the performance is the same reported by multiple people on this forum.
Get some proper coax with it as well unless you know the attenuation of the current coax you’re using.

Thanks @wiedehopf

I should have added some more context here.

I am running a RPi4 with an Airspy R2. I use LMR-400 cable with a run of around 7m or so at the moment. I will be extending that to 10m when i make the antenna height higher. I also use a uputronics 1090 preamp filter in line too.

Definitely going to consider these ones as well. And maybe the

Just got an issue with shipping from them at the moment. Emailed them off today to see how we can solve that.

Thank you.

Oh didn’t see you’re on the other side of the world.

This one is pricey but very highly regarded in the US.

All your components are premium except one i can understand wanting to upgrade.

Awesome thank you for the antenna suggestion from the US company. I’ll email them off and see if they ship to me.

How does the DPD one compare to the Vinnant ones (the 5dbi vs 7.5dbi)? Putting price aside, does the performance of both match similarly?

Thank you.

I don’t think anyone has run them side by side.

I’d tend to believe both companies dBi figures, only heard excellent feedback on both sides of the ocean.
So i’d expect the higher gain vinnant to be comparable to the DPD, though the DPD is yet a bit higher gain.

Gain here is gain on the horizon, the higher the gain the flatter the gain distribution becomes.

Excellent thank you.

Sounds like i can’t go wrong with either choices then. Both sound like they are great antennas.

Would you be worried about the RG8x feeder cable on the DPD antenna not being as good as a LMR400 cable? Or is it good to have a feeder cable vs having the connector right on the base of the antenna?

Also, my station is ~15kms from the local airport, do you think the 9dbi from the DPD one will be too flat?

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Again, only heard positive things.
The bit of coax is super short.


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Thank you @wiedehopf