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Im planning to buy new antenna 1090mhz

can you recommend me antenna?
im thining to buy this antenna i should choose 1 what is the better antenna…
airnav VS flightaware

The airnav antennas have a fixed cable which cannot be exchanged.
I would use the FR24 one or get one from Jetvision.

“A3 ADS-B” Antenna (1090 MHz) + 5dBi stable weatherproof (jetvision.de)

For sure there are other offers, it depends a bit on your budget.
After several DIY antennas and two others i am running the Jetvision since April and it’s worth the money


As far as I know, FR24 (FlightRadar24) do not sell antenna.

I think you meant FlightAware antenna, but by mistake wrote FR24.

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Has anyone on here tested this antenna? https://www.moonraker.eu/antennas/avionic-antennas-radar-sbs-airnav/radar-100-1090-mhz-colinear-base-antenna

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or this one which is obviously the same as the FA antenna and the one FR24 is delivering with their feeder in some countries:

Amazon.com: ADSBexchange 5.5dBi 1090/978 N-Type Female Antenna - 24-inch: Home Audio & Theater

With all that antenna stuff don’t forgett to check your max range per location using heywhatsthat.com

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Thank you so much! than i will plan to buy flightaware vs jetvision… but Jetvision doesnt deilvery to south korea

Yes FR24 doesnt sell antenna…
btw can you recommend me antenna? airnav vs flightaware

try to ask at forum like me!

thank you so much ^^

The only commercial antenna I have used is Flightaware one. I am using it since 2016 and am very satisfied with it.

As I have not used AirNav antenna, can not say anything about its performance, but one obvious drawback is an integrally connected cable.

ahh than i will just buy flightaware antenna thank you :smiley:

From personal experience, I would NOT recommend the AirNav antenna. As @foxhunter pointed out, it has a fixed cable and in my case, the cable boot was improperly molded which shorted the cable and left spring wire sticking out of it.

The FA antenna is the way to go.

I tried one a while back and it only got about 50% of the range that my FA antenna was getting on the set up.

Go for the jetvision if you can afford it, or the FA one as a good 2nd choice.

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Sounds bad for a 120 cm one with 6,5 dB gain…

I’ve already got a Jetvision one (FA is the same)

I would assume that you can change your antenna to whatever you want if you have already one going to the max.

The exchange of my individually built antenne to a Jetvision gave only a minor improvement which i would rate more like default deviation. The previous model was handcrafted with 3.8dB