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So, i’ve read a lot in here, and on FR24 forum. I’ve seen the different DIY antenna guides as well…

What puzzles me is, what makes the large difference between the JetVision antenna, and the AirNav one? They’re almost same lenght + 10 m cable…
Pros and cons - Less chance for water ingress in AirNav, cause the cable is fixed - Con: Toss it if the cable goes dead. JetVision: Right the opposite. N-connector, choose cable as you like.

The screenshot below are of course a " frozen moment", but repeatable - Guess which antenna are right or left :wink:

NOTE: I have no afiliation with either FA, JetVision, or AirNav!

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Can you provide links for each antenna? What type of cable is used?
N-connectors are pretty good, but but perfect, at keeping water out.

I know jetvision has several Antennas. Not sure about airnav.

Sure :slight_smile:


I would not sign this…
The Jetvision connector is “hidden” in the socket, so pretty good covered.

The disadvantage of the Airnav fixed cable is that you cannot simply exchange it with one in better quality and less signal loss.
And it’s always 10 Meters, even if you do need only 2 of them.

Technically the antennas are the same. The cheapest one is a single ADS-B Antenna, a bit more expensive is one with GPS built in (for their Airsquitter, Radarcape devices). And it’s going more expensive shielded better if use on seasides (Mainly V4A steel of the mounting equipment)
The most expensive one comes with a built-in LNA
They also have a yagi antenna, but no idea about the performance.

At the end i have choosen the Jetvision with 5 Meter of the low-loss cable they offered and i am more than satisfied with the performance.
The link goes to a bundle. If you have a normal USB-Stick, you do not need the pigtail.

It could be soldered directly to the element.
You cut the quote; The cons are listed; Con: Toss it if the cable goes dead. (Or need replacement)

I linked to a kit, because that was what i could find - The pigtail was not in my kit. But the 10m cable should be the same.

Yes, correct
The cable is the same, you can get it in different sizes if ordered individually.

The only place where i put some tape on it is the connector to the cable. But not from connector to Antenna

I used heat shrink over the crimp, the N-connector is just tightened in place. JetVision says the connector should be waterproof by it self.

I know, that’s why i made the decision to Jetvision. I have it operational outdoor since a few months.

Please do tell…unless I missed it?

The connector on the antenna is waterproof, but they have no control over the connector on the cable.
If it leaks, it won’t let water into the antenna, but it will let water into the cable.

Left one is JetVision, right AirNav

I’ve got heatshrink on that part

ordinary heatshrink, or glue lined?

It’s gluelined. We use it at work for our trucks.

Ok, that’s the good stuff!