Airnav XBoost

Has anyone tried one of these

It looks remarkably similar to this to me.

I currently have home-made spider antennae as high up as I can get them under my ridge tiles and was looking for a short antenna and wondered if these would be an improvement.

I am compromised by the terrain to the south so I think elevation is paramount.

Unfortunately, the only place outside my house that would give a 360 degree view is inaccessible to me.

edit: or would one of these be a better bet - assuming they become available again?

I’d get a bog standard colinear and put it under the roof, not bother with the short antennas.
Unless the obstruction is 10 m away, the antenna being 50 cm lower won’t have much effect.
And the colinear will also get some signal with the top part.

Thanks for that. I’ve been trying to decode the chat in whish one is the best but the more I read, the more confused I get!

If it’s a TEN-90 (which i assume) it does have a lower performance than one of the typical antennas like

I do have the TEN-90 here as a spare antenna, but once i connect it, the values are going down by 10-16% compared to the other antennas i am operating (Jetvision, Vinnant).

For the $50 i would rather order one of the Vinnant antennas

how about this one ?

bearing in mind it is going in my loft.

That is a nice antenna. I have 2 times the S version of it, it is equal in performance to the Flightaware antenna but at a better price ( I have 2 Vinnant antennas and 2 FA ones). The way the bottom part is constructed protects your connector and you don’t need weather tape for it as well.


Works pretty well. Comparable to FA or Jetvision. I do have the 7.5dBi version, but i don’t think much difference.

I don’t expect heavy thunderstorms in his loft :rofl:

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Nope but if you want to move it outside it’s a plus :wink:

Yes, it would be handy when we move - assuming I can find somewhere to put it on our next house.

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