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New Setup what should be the next Step?


i am totally new, build my first antenna (Coaxial Collinear), managed some feeds and now want to put a antenna up on the roof of my house. I use a Pi with a pro stick plus an have already bought a Uputronics ADS-B Filtered Preamp.

My new Installation should look like a:

Attic: Raspberry-ProStick-ADS-B Filtered Preamp
Short LMR 400 to the roof
Roof: Antenna

What would be the best Antenna with this setup?
A A3 from Jetvision
or maybe
a GP-1090 from Wimo ?

Thanks for some help…

Technically the two antennas should deliver similar results.

I am with the Jetvision and it works for me to the max on my location

I am very happy with this set from Jetvision.


Just in case someone reads this and is looking for an option that’s not quite as pricey:


The 3m coax they also have is quite adequate even if it’s not quite LMR400 lvl.

Anyhow just for people looking for a good antenna + coax for a medium price i shall say :slight_smile:

Thanks to all for helping!
I now bought the Uputronics Amp with the Jetvision Antenna.
Do i have to change something in the setting with my new Setup?
As I check ADS-B Exchange the numbers of Messages per Second is increased but it changes every second between 0/sec and ca. 300/sec.
I lowered the gain to 38 and get about 5% strong messages.

Thank you all!

That’s surprisingly few strong messages for that gain / setup.

You have the USB connected to the uputronics to supply it with power?

Use tar1090 locally it will give you much more reliable message rate numbers.
GitHub - wiedehopf/tar1090: Provides an improved webinterface for use with ADS-B decoders readsb / dump1090-fa

The Uputronics is connected directly to the antenna and I power it with a 12v USB charger. Possible that it is getting too little power? Mmmh, I have to check if it is powered at all.

You want to destroy it? Needs 5V …
Doesn’t need much power at all.

Well nothing besides the gain.
I suppose if you have a long cable run or all aicraft you see are rather far away … the 5% is plausible.

I’d probaby turn the gain down a bit more.

I don’t suppose you had graphs1090 installed before so you can compare the graphs before / after?
GitHub - wiedehopf/graphs1090: Graphs for dump1090 (based on dump1090-tools by mutability)

Thanks for your help!
The cable is only about 3 meters but poor Quality and also with a flat cable going under a closed window. It’s my first experimentell setup, the antenna is only 1 meter above ground. Later I will get it up to the roof.

Graphs1090 looks great, I´ll try to set it up.


Now I have the first results…gain ist 38. Do I have to lower it?
Which value is important for me?

Thoughts on optimizing gain

Depends on what you want.
If you want to focus on close by aircraft i’d get the percentage below 1% but it might lose you some range.
Really it’s just trial and error (combined with gathering enough data between changes and being aware that traffic changes)

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Thank you, I´ll collect some data to get a feeling.
Searched already, is there a instruction for noob to understand graphs1090?


There is a big thread about graphs1090 here on the forum.
But no FAQ or such.
Graphs for dump1090 -- my version with install script

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Will get the antenna up on the roof asap and ask if it is better to connect the Uputronis Amp direct to the Pro Stick Plus or use a short (30cm) cable? I know that it would be the best to get it direct to the antenna, but that is not possible for me.
By the way: Is it a problem to have two filters in a row? Pro stick plus and Uputronics?


It’s better as there is less chance of damaging the USB socket and SDR.
A USB extension would also resolve that issue.

What you could also do is first assemble the SDR / LNA / filter and then find something to elevate the RPi and then plug it into the USB.
In other words … avoid bending moments.

No, you can even change the order and see what works better :wink:

I’ve tried but didn’t get the SMA plugged into the RPI :crazy_face:

Okay, thanks! The idea was to fix everything on one board and then screw the board to the wall in the attic. From there I only need 2 meters of cable to the antenna on the roof.


Yeah i mean you get the idea of the issues involved.
If you’re handy enough to mount everything to a board i’d gather you’ll do it in a way that doesn’t cause stress on the USB port / PCB.
So no in that case you shouldn’t need a piece of coax to connect those.

I’d recommend adding a guide point for the coax as well so it doesn’t do bending on the last connector.
Don’t squeeze the coax though they aren’t crush proof :wink:

Thanks for all the help, in the meantime I have installed the antenna on the roof and the range has increased. I reduced the gain to 21 to get the strong signals below 5%. Attached my graphs and the achieved range values in relation to the maximum possible.

My Setup:

Raspberry 3b+
FA Pro Stick Plus
Uputronics filtered preamp
Jetvision Antenna

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