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Question about antenna setup and Coax cable run

Hi all,

I have a question about a planned setup. I am planning on putting a 1090MHz antenna on the roof with a coax run of 15 meters to the Pi with dongle. The antenna is “high gain” with +5dBi (not that I know what this means) and the coax cable is low loss 50 ohm CO 100 AF with loss of 32 db / 100m. This means I am looking at a 4.8 db loss over the 15m. Is this acceptable? I know there are better ways to set it up with POE and placing the Pi on the roof etc. but it is not feasible in my situation. What do you guys think. Will a lot of signal be lost?

If you’re not trying for >250 nmi range it’s not gonna be an issue i think.
Just be sure to get the connections water tight as in self fusing tape.

You could use LMR400 coax and reduce the loss if you fancy.
But 4.8 dB should be acceptable.

The SDR used will have an influence as well of course.

Depending on your terrain range is usually limited by that:
GitHub - wiedehopf/tar1090: Provides an improved webinterface for use with ADS-B decoders readsb / dump1090-fa


Thanks! I am using the FA prostick+. I will check in to the LMR400. My max Heywhatsthat range @40000 ft is not much more than 250 nmi anyway.

By the way, your Graphs1090 is AWESOME. You’re the man

There are other brands available.

Larger diameter coax will have less loss and typically be more expensive.

Anyhow i wouldn’t expect a huge difference honestly.
The LNA on the uputronics LNA might be little bit better than the FA Pro+ … you can combine them.
Anyhow that’s all only talking about getting the last bit out of a setup.
There is almost always the possibility to spend more money:

Building a new receiver, this is going in a prime location - Suggestions for receiver/preamp/filter please - #2 by wiedehopf

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I’m a huge fan of the M&P coax, bang for buck, I think it’s the best available at the moment.

I run 30ft of RG6 to a flightaware antenna at 15ft. I have the Flightaware Pro stick Plus with the flightaware filter and I get about 250 miles in certain directions (Mountains all around limit me to 150 or so).

I know I could do better, but Im happy with what I have.


I am running 150’ of RG6 coax cable. At the antenna I have a filtered LNA, with a power injector Tee at the house end.
Works pretty good.