A week in and some great results.

Hi everyone,
Well I am happily pleased that I am providing some good numbers from my receiver. I am leading my Flightaware nearby’s in positions and 2nd in aircrafts. All that from a attic installation with a 25 ft coaxial run. I am curious if the 25’ coaxial is shortened or even eliminated, would the signal loss be dramatically reduced?

Thanks for the help

Matt (m82g)

What type of coax is it? What is the loss?

Antenna height will generally give you the most improvement.
Coax loss could help. Can you move the RPI closer to the antenna and power it via POE? I do this for two devices in my attic.

It is RFC240 cable and actually 25 feet!

My home builder put a tube from my attic to my network cabinet so I have strung the coaxial from my antenna in the attich to my network box.

I just noticed that there is a power outlet in the attic that will be fine.

So ideally I could have a short coax if I can get one.

25 ft is about 2db loss or 37% loss.

Less is generally better. Halving the length would reduce the loss to 1db or about 21% so you could gain about 16%.
If it is easy and not too expensive, I would give it a try.

There is also a lot to be gain from the gain optimisation scripts.
check out this thread

What sort of antenna are you using? What height inside the attic?

Hi sorry for the late reply.

My antenna is the 1090MHz ADS-B Antenna - 66cm / 26in

It is 35 ft up at the apex of my attic

If you can run Ethernet up there instead of coax, you would probably get a lot more distant (weaker) signals.