SBS-1 Feeding via Planeplotter - no MLAT output?


I’m feeding Flightaware from my SBS-1 via Planeplotter.

In PP I have MLAT data output selected and according to the PP tests I am outputting MLAT data to Planeplotter.

I had assumed that this would also be fed to FA, but when I look at my account data there are no MLAT data statistics.

What am I doing wrong?


PlanePlotter’s mlat system is entirely separate from FlightAware’s mlat system. Sharing data via PP does not share PP’s mlat results with FlightAware.

So how can I share MLAT data with Flightaware?

You can’t share planeplotter’s mlat with FlightAware at all - the planeplotter terms of use prevent it.

In theory it should be possible for piaware to support feeding data direct from a SBS including the timing data needed for FlightAware’s mlat but the devil is in the details and I don’t have a SBS to test with so it would be a bit of a voyage of discovery. I can work through that with you via email if you like - it will take some experimentation.

I’m willing to give it a go. It will add to the collective knowledge.

Let me know where to start.