santa monica airport commercial airlines


how come Santa Monica airport doesn’t have commercial airlines fly in and out of there? planes like Embraer erj-135 and erj-120 and Canadair crj-200 lands there. some of these planes are operated by example American eagle or skywest and connection airlines.


This is hilarious.


They have had at least one commuter carrier flying there. It was Air Baja Cortez flying to Mexico.

I think the main reason there isn’t service there now is the idiots who bought houses near the airport and then complain about the noise.


I think Wings West started there too. They originally flew to Mammoth Lakes before taking up the space left by the failure of Swift Aire.


Because it’s a stone’s throw from LAX and doesn’t have a passenger terminal capable of accommodating a 50+ seat aircraft.

Also, the runway is only 4973 ft. long. While an ERJ or CRJ-700 could probably operate from a runway like that, there would probably be weight/range restrictions.


I think SMO would make a good airport for niche airlines flying strictly point-to-point, such as SMO to CCR, LVK, PAO (Concord, Livermore, Palo Alto, all in the San Francisco area) and smaller metros such as APC (Napa) or MRY (Monterey). This could be done with small aircraft such as the PC-12 or another fairly fast, 6-10 pax aircraft.

This would be something along the lines of Surf Air, although I can see it being done without membership.

The biggest obstacle is not technical - it’s the fools around the airports who complain about the noise.


No, the biggest obstacle is economics … airlines exist to make money, and in the long term that sort of niche market operation won’t turn any kind of profit for the owner or operator


Parking STINKS there…


Not only would the nearby residents object, but the city as well. They (the city) are trying to get the airport shut down and have sued to reduce jet operations even though the city attorney said it isn’t for them to regulate and would be a waste of money to try to do so. The city is run by people who don’t understand or appreciate the economic benefits of the airport, and a neighborhood coalition consisting of people who buy homes near an airport and then complain about aircraft noise.