Call To Action: Santa Monica Airport

On Tuesday December 12, 2006 The City of Santa Monica would like to invite you (airport users) to attend a meeting to discuss the recent proposal to enhance the Airports runway safety areas for SMO. The proposal to enhance the safety areas would in effect reduce the runway to at a maximum to 3000ft. With safety areas at each end of the runway. The FAA will be on hand to seek comments from airport users and see what you think about this superb idea…for all of you who care about aviation, your voice will be needed.
Where: Federal Aviation Administration
Western-Pacific Regional Office
15000 Aviation Blvd.
Lawndale, Ca 90261
Location: Triangle Room, 1st Floor
Time: 1:00-5:00pm
Contact: Lyn Brekke (310) 725-3550 (voice mails are encouraged)

(Emphasis added)

KSMO Airport Information

The FAA point of contact for feedback is George Aiken (

Over the weekend, I e-mailed the announcement to AOPA and got a response on the 12th where they sent me back the information I sent them(?).

I then replied, “Did you intend to send me the same thing that I sent you? Please re-read and I’d like to know what AOPA’s course of action is.”

Here is their response:

Sorry, I didn’t mean to send you the same contact info. I will be contacting the Airport Support Network Volunteer at SMO, Barry Vaughan, to see what transpired at the meeting on Tuesday. Is there anything in writing at this point? Is there a proposal on the table? Is it up for a vote? We do not have the resources to get involved in every “discussion” going on at every airport across the nation; it’s just not possible. So, at this point, AOPA’s “course of action” is to see if anything actually develops, particularly in writing. We will monitor this situation through our ASNV and act accordingly.
Tom Zecha
Aviation Technical Specialist
AOPA Pilot Information Center
1 800-872-2672

So, don’t worry, they’re all over it. :unamused: