Any SBR1 operators (past/present) within the FA ranks?

Insight into this… … 159&akey=1 … /19622653/


Tons of time in a 65. That one looks like a 40.

Losing a tire at high speeds in any a/c could be bad, worse on a Sabre then other a/c because the gear is very close together. Only 7’2", as opposed to a citation XL at 14’ 9" The Sabreliner could be VERY screwy on the ground, I can only imagine that a blown tire could indeed cause the a/c to crash.

Is a ton of time 2,000 hours?

Only about 1500, should have said 3/4 of a ton of time.

Back in my Navy days ( I can’t remember what stationm NKX or NQI) it was SOP to derig the arresting gear when a T-39 was scheduled to land. Apparently, the main gear could catch on the cable as the aircraft rolled across it…

Still, very cool!