Mach 3 Baron

(24-Apr-2006 > KBNA-KLOU)

Also where’s the route line? I’ve seen that before.


Probably meant 190 knots and the track line is absent because I believe he cancelled his IFR.


No, he did not.


ok, so what IS the answer? Is this some kind of riddle?


No, not a riddle. :slight_smile: I dont know the answer.



Were you on this aircraft, ATC watching this aircraft, or the pilot of this aircraft?


Is the baron red?

Can we see the baron?

Is the baron alive?

Does the baron really exist?


Are you not able to see it says 1900 kts?
If I knew why it showed that, why would I be asking here?

Yes, I know the pilot and know he didn’t cancel IFR.

I don’t understand the confusion with my question.


The 1900 kts is under the “propsed/assigned” column, that why we think it was a typo of 190kts, more suitable for a baron.
It looks like the initial departure clearance was radar vectors to BARRY and then to IIU (louisville). Somewhere along the line somethink got dorked up and the rest of the flight plan was never recorded.
Maybe you can ask the pilot if there was anythng unusual, did ATC give a revised clearance enroute or something.
I’m not sure anyone can really give you the answer youre looking for.

BTW, the reason we were being sarcastic is that you asked a question, you recieved an answer and the you respond with “No, he did not.” without further explanation.