RUSSIAN FLIGHT U363 Boeing 737


Are there any update on the Russian flight U363 A Boeing 737


Still there are no considerable news regarding the “Tatarstan air” Boeing 737-53A, registered number VQ-BBN, for professionals as the Interstate Aviation Committee [the Russian body responsible for technical investigation of air incidents] just commenced their work.
The most common assumptions of the cause of the crash are wildly announced in the Russian media after it became known that the crew had reported “not ready for landing” few seconds prior to the incident.
Kazan city, the place of crash - about 450 miles East from Moscow, is a home hub for “Tatarstan air”.
“Tatarstan air”, a regional airline inside Russia, has been experiencing substantial losses within last 2 years.




In my local paper there is a text on the crash. According to very preliminary findings pilot error seems to be the leading cause. The text is in French: … cueil_POS1