VP-BKO B737-505 Aeroflot North crash in Russia . . .


Aeroflot-North flight SU821 The Boeing-737 was en route from Moscow and had 82 passengers and five crew members on board. All are feared dead.
Communications with the plane were lost as it was making a landing approach. The wreckage was later found outside Perm, which is located in the Urals. Rescuers are at the site. The cause of the crash is not known.

‘Early’ reports state aircraft lost contact while at 1800 meters approaching for an emergency landing, crashing into an industrial area?

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from JADEC.com During landing approach in pre-dawn darkness, air traffic control lost contact when VP-BKO was at 3,600 feet.

Witnesses watched as it crashed into a ravine near the southern outkskirts of Perm, approx. 10 km’s from Perm Intl Airport (USPP).

(Unconfirmed) Pilots reported engine problems on approach?, local weather consisted of a low cloud base with reported icing.

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Says it was a 500 series. How many of those have been lost?


Aviation Safety Network Boeing 737-500 accidents.

Plot thickens apparently a Senior Russian Military Commander on board, hmmm.

                   NTSB ADVISORY

National Transportation Safety Board
Washington, DC 20594

September 14, 2008


The National Transportation Safety Board has dispatched a
team of investigators to assist the government of Russia in
its investigation of today’s crash of a Boeing 737-500
airplane, Bermuda registration VP-BKO, equipped with CFM56

Today, at approximately 5:10 a.m. local time, the aircraft,
AEROFLOT-NORD flight #821, crashed in the vicinity of Perm,
Russia under unknown circumstances. This scheduled flight
originated in Moscow and its destination was Perm.

Of the 88 persons onboard, 6 crew and 82 passengers, all are
reported to have suffered fatal injuries, according to
Russian government officials.

NTSB Acting Chairman Mark V. Rosenker has designated senior
investigator Bob Benzon as the U.S. Accredited
Representative. His team will include an NTSB powerplants
specialist, an NTSB airworthiness specialist, as well as
technical advisors from the Federal Aviation Administration and

The investigation is being conducted by Russia’s Air
Accident Investigation Commission of the Interstate Aviation
Committee (MAK) which will release all information on the
progress of the investigation. The agency’s phone number in
Moscow is (+7 495) 953-12-44, the agency website is


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