RA-02807 Hawker 800B crashes on approach Minsk . . .

Details are sketchy at best, but a Hawker is reported as crashed on approach to Minsk Belarus, operated by S-Jets of Russia.
Reported as 5 person fatally injured, a crew of 2 and 3 passengers.

2 pilots, company’s owner, and 2 other passengers.


The Hawker’s crew reportedly made an initial attempt to land, canceled the approach and, on making a second approach, disappeared from airport radar.

The plane’s pilot, Aleksander Samoilov, had more than 28 years’ of flight experience with more than 11,900 hours of flight time logged, of which 1,450 had been at night, the Belapan news agency reported.

Samoilov had been piloting BAe-125 corporate jets since 2007 and had undergone crossover training at a British Aerospace flight schools in England and the United Arab Emirates.

The twin-engine aircraft went down in a forest and tore a path about 250 metres long through trees until coming to a stop in flames about 4 kilometres from the airport, according to eyewitnesses.

Visibility had been excellent at the time of the apparent accident, news reports said.

The plane had taken off Monday evening from Moscow for Minsk. The passengers had planned to visit a upmarket casino recently opened in the Belarusian capital by Russian entrepeneuers, Melnik said.

The casino’s operator, a Belarus-registered firm identified in news reports as the Shangri La company, chartered the plane.

The air charter company S-Air is registered in the central Russian city of Kaluga, with its headquarters at Moscow’s Vnukovo airport.

MOSCOW, October 26 (RIA Novosti) - Six people are feared dead after an Hawker-125 executive jet operated by the S-Air company crashed on Monday while coming in to land in Minsk, a Russian air traffic control source told RIA Novosti.

“The Vnukovo-Minsk flight took off at 21:06 [Moscow time, 18:06 GMT] and disappeared from radar screens at 22:35 [19:35 GMT] on approach to the Belarusian international airport,” the Federal Air Navigation Service source said.

According to preliminary information, the plane could make the landing from the first attempt and was lost by traffic controllers following the second attempt to land in normal visibility and satisfactory weather conditions.

The CEO of the S-Air airline, Marat Romashkin, was reportedly on board the plane.

Clearly nothing left of the Hawker.

Confirmed as RA-02807 Hawker 800B a 1993 model.
Aircraft was flying as S-Air flight 9607 Moscow to Minsk (386 miles)

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