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Turkish Airlines #1951. A B737-800 not an A380 (as reported by CNN) crashed on approach into Amsterdam. There’s 1 reported dead, approx. 20 injuries.

More to follow.


05:40 - THY1951 - 135 Pax and 8 crew. Last Mx check was 12/22/2008. Manufactured in 2003. Turkish Airline’s Go-team will be enroute shortly to investigate.

05:46 - AMS Ops report - 80 Pax evacuated. No fire…

A Turkish transportation official has been quoted as saying there were “no fatalities”.

Reuters reported 1 person killed, 20 injured.


Found this:

airliners.net/photo/Turkish- … 1489040/M/

9 killed :frowning:. Landed in a field next to the runway.

Turkish Airlines CEO Temel Kotil said the captain Hasan Tahsin, a former air force pilot, was very experienced.

Waits for speculation, I say no fuel

Sounds almost like they ran out of fuel which is evident cosidering there was no fire, but that isn’t always true.

As was pointed out on a.net, Jet A is more volitile in fumes then when it is liquid. This is going to be interesting to hear what the cause was.


“We heard a sort of loud and strange sound,” eyewitness Randy Cordes, 14, told Reuters. “I saw one engine that was burning but the fire died quickly.”

The Turkish airliner was reported to have landed two miles short of the runway on an approach from the north.

“It should have been at 600 feet at that point, if it was two miles short,” former Boeing pilot Alistair Rosenschein told Britain’s Sky News television.

Wednesday’s crash was the 11th accident involving a Turkish Airlines flight in the past 20 years, the NLR Air Traffic Safety Institute in Amsterdam said in a statement.

Turkish Airlines had a troublesome safety record in the 1970s, with 608 lives lost in around two years, but the modern airline’s safety record has improved and Wednesday’s crash was its second fatal incident this decade, according to the Flight Safety Foundation.

Get out of my head!


Question: How much fuel is left when a plane of that size “runs out of fuel”? I’m assuming that not every bit of fuel leaves, and there has to be at least a few gallons left at the bottom of the tanks/in the pipes? Probably not applicable here but just wondering…

Probably just about enough for an engine to catch fire, but then die out quickly :smiling_imp:

Who were the ones complaining about FoxNews messing up when the Airbus 320 went down in the Hudson?

Oh yeah. It was rpmiracle and JHEM.

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And this is what I said about your apparently beloved FOXNEWS and had nothing whatsoever to do with what type of aircraft was being reported.

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Well everybody, once again, we’re in luck.

There are not only one, but TWO LiveATC feeds at EHAM. Both caught this, and there is already a good thread (with the clips attached) there. Really good listens all around.


How about a link?

Sorry. I keep opting not to post them since to get to the clips registration is required there. But here you go:

liveatc.net/forums/atcaviati … eb-25-2009


Thank you.

From that VERY brief clip, nothing about the flight sounded odd. Similar to the Colgan, what ever happened in this instance happened very fast.

Prayers to all involved.