Run Run as fast as you can away from Flightaware!!

I have no clue how to code, but somehow I managed to set up a Pi, and a Virtual Radar Server using it’s dataso I can use it at my job.

Also, for future help,

The forums here, or my two favorites…

Did someone turn the troll filter off?

There are clear and concise instructions right here:

Heck, I have completely failed in getting VRS to work, but I got PiAware to work with both dump1090-FA and with dump1090-mutability.

Who? You appear to be the only one.

Have you seen this thread? Marcus Günther (mgunther) has written a very easy step by step instruction to configure VRS


The person who started this thread (stormsteiger) seems to be unable to succeed and therefore extremely frustrated. He needs help, not criticism. Please dont be harsh to him.
Thank you.

I do hope you’re saying this with your tongue firmly planted in your cheek…

Seriously?? My 12 year old set one up as an experiment from the instructions on here… it’s not that hard …

No I had not seen that one, though I have searched and searched. I have a Mac and I can’t even get it set up for VRS, but I keep trying.

The person who started this thread (stormsteiger) seems to be unable to succeed and therefore extremely frustrated. He needs help, not criticism.

abcd567 - you are a considerate gentleman.

My immediate thought was “Don’t feed the troll”

Let’s see if he/she responds. If not, everyone just let this post slip into oblivion by not responding further :slight_smile:

Should note MLAT nolonger works in VRS that I can tell.

It works for me.
What port are you using?

Status of my VRS (checked 4 hrs ago for some other reason): Both ADS-B signal (directly from antenna), as well as MLAT (feed back from FlightAware) working ok.

Settings in VRS are as follows:
Format AVR or Beast:
ADSB receiver Port 30005, MLAT receiver Port 30105.

Format Basestation:
ADSB receiver Port 30003, MLAT receiver Port 30106.

Settings in piaware:
In the piaware-config.txt, the mlat settings by default match the above settings.

Anyone posting “Run Run as fast as you can away from Flightaware” isn’t looking for help. They’re just trolling. Don’t assume any goodwill. The person will never return to this thread.

Why is this thread even still here?

Can I have your stuff

Ship it to me and Ill put it to good use.

He’s not the only one. The FlightAware download/configuration page SUCKS MY BALLZ. Most people who get into using the software aren’t electronics engineers, programmers, or other highly technical people. They are enthusiasts by and large. Guys who are into planes and not computers. It’s sad that the Mods/Admin of the site can’t get it through their thick skullz that many people would just like to download an image, burn it to a SD and just have it work!

And really, what’s so wrong with that. People are buying their own equipment, providing a free data feed to FlightAware where FA make money off all this… and FA can’t just make it work? That’s seriously WTF! There is little to no documentation on the software, sparse install information on the site without having to dig into the forums. For all the time they take into writing the code, they really can’t just sit down for the day and write ONE page on how to just make it work? That’s not lazy… it’s STUPID!

I just downloaded the latest image, and now it’s asking me for a userid and password after installing it and starting it for the first time… there is no mention on the installation page on what this is for… nothing! Why? I have no idea is this my FA account or what? Sure common sense tells me to input my FA info… but why can’t some just document this so there is no guess work. Isn’t that what software developers do (been one myself for 30 years), don’t they take code and make it work to solve a particular problem or task. If you don’t know how to use the s/w you won’t get the benefit of it…

And what is even sadder… is there are other idiots out there that make some lame argument NOT to create some installation information for enthusiasts… where is the logic in that?

By alienating thousands of people because ‘they should be technical enough’, FlightAware is doing no one any good. That attitude is what stifles growth and pushes people away from getting involved in aviation… not what aviation needs today where private pilots are leaving in the thousands yearly!

Which instructions did you follow to set it up? should cover it; if it doesn’t, what did you have trouble with?

There is no mention of a username/password on the install page because you don’t need to provide one. It literally should be “burn the sdcard and it works”, there’s been a fair amount of work towards that goal. What didn’t work for you?

The username/password, and other configuration, are described in the optional steps linked from the build page here:
Did you find that page OK? What did you have trouble with on that page?

I found the instructions posted by obj above, downloaded the image, burned it to an SD card and it worked. I don’t know how simpler it can be.

I could have stopped there but I wanted to learn more so I made a bit more effort, set up a different image following some step by step instructions from the forum and that just worked as well.

I had trouble copying the image onto the SD card with my Mac. Specifically, the RPI-sd card builder was not particularly easy to use.

  1. It wanted me to know the BSD name of the SD card, “disk2”, rather than the Volume name that humans usually use.
  2. Threw mysterious errors.
  3. Once RPI-sd card builder did things, the results did not look like the screen shot that was linked as see example. I’m assuming that the screen shot was from Version 2?

I ended up using dd from the command line, but that’s not the best choice for many people.

I was also caught by surprise that I could skip Step 4 (“Claim your PiAware client on”).